Sali Abdeltawwab

Founder of Believe Stream Podcast and Company. A Scientist, Writer, blogger and Mum to three wonderful children.


My name is Sali and welcome to my blog. I have created this website because I have a goal and I’d love to reach out, inspire and help millions of people.

Thank you very much for being here and here is a brief introduction about myself and my journey.

I am the youngest of four children. When I was a child, I had a wonderful childhood, my parents cared so much for me and for my siblings. My father was a Major in the military, he used to travel a lot.

I had a strict traditional family. I was fortunate enough to have my parents care so much about our education. I had a very good education. I also was a very active child and my parents decided to put me in sports and music where I could use my energy and talent so I played various of sports such as basketball, Karate, wrestling with my dad, music and singing.

At the age of 15, my eldest brother passed away within two weeks of his illness. I remember how painful it was, to see my brother suffer and unable to speak or move. I remember seeing my brother in so much pain and agony. My brother’s death affected me heavily and I was suffering from the inside. I loved my brother so much and he was the kindest person that I’ve ever known as well as like a father to me so losing him left a big hole in my heart and made me lose faith in God and in everything around me.

From that moment, I started questioning everything around me.

Then, at the age of 19, I got married. After 6 years of marriage, we separated. My ex-husband was abusive, and I was so scared to speak to anyone. I felt isolated then I isolated myself from the whole world, I became a very closed person with lots of mixed emotions and shame. I completely lost myself and I felt ashamed of myself for marrying someone who is not worthy of me. I found it very difficult to break away and found it difficult to get out of such an abusive relationship. Many times, I thought that I will not survive alone and it would be impossible to live without him. However, thankfully, I was free from such a relationship even though I was terrified but now I am so grateful it happened otherwise I would have not become the woman I am today. 

After the separation, I had No Job, No confidence, hated myself, hated my life, and there was no one that I could rely on. I was left to carry all the responsibilities. I was hugely distressed, I had very low self-esteem and depression. I didn’t know what to do! I was asking myself many questions such as, “should I get back to my ex-husband and stay in the abusive relationship or lose my children”? Thankfully, I had a very good community and friends who helped me during that difficult time.

A few months later, I lost my father on boxing day and I felt completely lost, broken to pieces, angry and guilty for not being with him and I wished I was with my dad when he died.

It took a lot of courage and power but I successfully built my confidence, I started going out and speaking to people and volunteering in different areas in my local community and I felt so happy that I am helping people and I am making a difference in my community.

At the beginning of my career, I worked in retail where I got promoted very quickly as a manager, also I was very blessed to have an amazing boss who looked after me and my colleagues. Then, I started working as a science technician, as well as volunteering in schools. I started my teaching career and I am so passionate about helping our community, I love it so much that I am making a difference.

My goal now is to inspire many people and help them to achieve their goals and find the spark. I believe that there is nothing greater than making an impact on people’s lives and making them realize that the power is within them and there is No one can take away that power.

Going through my adversities made me think about my life and what I want to achieve, I asked myself many questions, such as:

  • Why do bad things happen to me? Was it my fault? What do I need to do? Where is God?
  • What am I and what is my purpose in this universe? How am I connected to God and the universe?
  • If I die today will I be remembered? Did I accomplish anything in my life?
  • How to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life? What is the law of attraction? 

For anyone who is struggling right now please doesn’t give up, don’t Ever Give Up. I struggled, lost my brother, married to an abusive man, lost my father, I was broke, discriminated against, and now I’m a very strong, confident, independent woman, scientist, writer, Human Rights defender and a mum of 3 wonderful happy children.

I want every person to realize that there is nothing that is impossible and you could be whatever you want to be if you are willing to stand up for yourself and accept that you are God’s creation and God is within you and Trust and believe in yourself. Always remember that there is always a way to greatness and happiness. We are all born for a reason and our job is to try to search for our purpose and work towards it.

I am grateful for you being here. I am grateful for everyone’s support and help during my journey.  

Please come and see me on Facebook,  InstagramTwitter for more daily updates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I value every person and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful and fulfilled life.