Are NARCISSISTS Psychopaths? How To Spot The Difference?

When you describe someone as a psychopath it is an informal way to describe the person who has psychopathic characters. So, what distinguishes Narcissists from psychopaths and are narcissist psychopaths?

I will dive deep into both definitions’ narcissists and psychopaths and hopefully, you will be able to make the judgment if narcissists are psychopaths.

First, let’s talk about narcissism and how do you know if the person is a narcissist.

Narcissism is an extreme trait where the person who is diagnosed with it ignore the people needs around him or her. We all have some type of narcissistic behaviour however true narcissists do not recognize other people. There is a spectrum and levels of narcissism in every individual. The higher the number the higher the narcissistic traits. Narcissists are characterised for their self-admiration and lack of empathy. They also have a grandiose behaviour where he or she thinks that they are the most important people on the planet. The narcissist fantasises about success, power and has a sense of entitlement. In addition to their hatred and envy of others and demonstrate arrogant and hostile attitude if you perceived as a danger to their fake image. People with narcissistic disorder normally have people around them who feed into their egos. They have superficial relationships and are never meaningful until they get what they want then discard the person.

There are many types of narcissism such as:

Grandiose Narcissism: the narcissists have a very high grandiose personality where they feel that they can influence people and they are highly important. People with this personality disorder do not live-in reality and they think the world revolves around them. Generally, the narcissist will believe that they are destined for great things, and they deserve it more than others who worked as hard or even more than them. They love attention and admiration. They think that they are superior to others. They also love to exploit other people weaknesses to appear as if they are a better or good person.

Vulnerable Narcissism: is when the narcissist pretends to be vulnerable, and he or she is very good at playing the victim card. The vulnerable narcissist always seeks attention and pity from other people. They are highly manipulative and deceitful. Their behaviour is difficult to spot and difficult to see the warning signs early.

Covert Narcissism: This type of narcissist think that they are on a secret military mission to destroy enemies who stand on their way of ego and grandiose self. The narcissists are very well planned, calculated and will attack with surprise. They will use lots of tactics to manipulate others such as guilt-tripping and emotional manipulation. They may even say to you that you do things to guilt-trip them as my ex-narcissist used to say to me all the time to guilt-trip me. They also will be belittling you and deprive your physical, emotional needs until they get what they want. They are controllable freaks and very good at masking their manipulative behaviour to others. They come across are very charming, charismatic and seduce others to get what they want.

Malignant Narcissism: This type is when narcissists are incapable of showing empathy or compassion to other people. They are manipulative and often exploit family, friends and co-workers for personal or professional gains. They are very controlling people and if you are in a relationship with this type of narcissist, they will not let you make decisions or do things on your own. They will try and isolate and make strong efforts to make you look like a villain to other people to isolate you more. They have no remorse or feeling of guilt at all. They usually enjoy seeing people in pain or even crying. They love to see people oppressed and suffer which will give them an opportunity to attack again and pretend to be the victim and the hero who stopped it all.

Sexual Narcissism:  this type of narcissist feel that they are entitled to have sex with whatever they choose. They are self-centred and think that they are excellent lovers, and no one is like them. They completely overestimate their skills in the bedroom and the way they look and turn their parents down. They also expect that you give praise for their performance and how they look. They react horribly to rejection. They feel entitled to get sex whenever they want and manipulate you to have sex with them. They are also famous for having multiple relationships and cannot have long-lasting relationships at all. They are unfaithful and always move around from one partner to the next regardless of if there is an agreement or not.

Vindictive Narcissism: This type of narcissism is unbelievable, and they will do everything in their power to destroy you. A vindictive narcissist will gossip and stab you in the back behind your back and makeup stories to people to harm your reputations. They absolutely love to play the victim and that they are innocent and did not know you were evil. If you have children with a vindictive narcissist they will use and abuse them in order to turn them against you or in order to abuse and control you personally. Sadly, vindictive narcissists are also good at hiding among our society and they do not reveal their true colours to others unless you are targeted. In here you would have to protect yourself legally as I did otherwise, they will continue to harass you and damage you.

The bottom line is when it comes to narcissism you cannot distinguish one person from one type of narcissism. It all depends on the levels. For example, you may meet someone who has more than one type of narcissism. Such a type of narcissist is extremely dangerous and could even be violent.

Now let’s move to the psychopath. Who is a psychopath?

Well, a psychopath is an individual who is manipulative and has no empathy. Psychopathic behaviour is different from one individual to another. They have some similar narcissistic traits and lack of guilt and superficiality. A psychopath will exploit others and manipulate people to get what they want. They do not have remorse or feeling guilty for anything that they do. They also feel entitled and love to control others. Some psychopaths have a lack of attachment to other and they keep away from other people.

So, back to the main question Are Narcissists Psychopaths?

You can see that there are some crossover personalities between the narcissist and psychopath. They are quite similar and fit the criteria of narcissists are psychopaths. you need to understand that there is a fine line between the two personalities. So, not all narcissists are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are narcissists. You would have to look deeper. The answer to the question is: Yes, certainly sometimes narcissists are psychopaths and they do exist but not always.

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