How To BALANCE LIFE? Find Balance and Get Your Life Back

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to maintain a healthy life balance. We have family responsibilities work responsibilities or even children to look after.  All these are important and competing for our valuable time and attention. The result of running out of time or feeling unable to balance life could be exhaustion, stress, anxiety or even frustration. 

There is a tremendous benefit on balancing life not only for our happiness and mental health; it is also beneficial for our career and personal life. A balanced life has a great impact on our ability to focus and helps us to achieve our goals faster and living a meaningful life. you have to be aware of the signs if you feel overwhelmed and take action to bring back balance to all areas of your life. 

The best life balance is different from one person to another as we all have different priorities and different lives. Understand that there will always be some things that you need to do however how to manage time is the key to success. 

So, how do you bring your life back into balance?

There are many things you can do in order to balance life and get back in control. Here are my top 5 steps to help you balance life: 

1-         Follow a schedule 

One of the key aspects of success in balancing life is to maintain a schedule. When you have a schedule and follow a schedule you will ensure that you are spending your time wisely. Your time at work or at home will be valued and you will make the best out of it. You will be focused and less worried. Maintain a schedule will also help you accomplish your goals as you will be prioritising your task each day and work towards it. When you do activities or spend time with your family you will enjoy it. This will help you stay connected with your family and friends or even children. You will have meaningful relationships in your life as you are present with the people you love. 

2-         Understand life happens that is okay 

Life is always happening for us and not against us. Understand that it is the nature of life that sometimes things happen outside of our control we can’t control the people around us and how people react. We can only control ourselves and how we behave in situations. Understand that you have many resources around you and in order to accomplish what you want you have to be understandable to life and to people. 

Bad things do happen whether you like it or not. It is part of being human and learning life lessons to become a better person each day. It is not about material things at all. You have to shift your mind and believe that sometimes things happen for a reason, and it changes our perspective and that is okay. Whether you find yourself discovering your limiting beliefs or thinking negative know that you can change them. know that you are experiencing growth in your life mentally and spiritually. 

We have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it. Out attitude is everything”

Charles R. Swindoll

It may not seem possible or easy to do but it is. We all possess the power within us to be whatever we want to be, including YOU. 

3-         Say No 

If you consider yourself a people pleaser or find yourself saying yes to people often then you have to take a step back and evaluate situations. It may serve you better to say no. Sometimes we say yes to things because we feel pressure to give an immediate answer. However, always remember you have the right to take some time to think about what you can realistically do before responding.

Be clear, confident, honest, and concise when you say no. You do not have to offer a lot of explanation for saying no. When you do that, you are letting other people know that you respect them and value them that is why you are saying no to avoid disappointment. Communicating with others is a great way to build and strengthen your relationships. Also, being able to say no will make you more honest and authentic with others. You are less likely to be taken advantage of and people will respect you. People will learn not to take you for granted and value your connection. So, being able to say no is a critical piece of advice that I can give you and it will reduce your stress and help you balance life. you will feel empowered and in power. 

4-         Allocate time for yourself to reset 

In today’s society, where social media is taking most of our time. It is difficult to find time for yourself. Sometimes you may even make justifiable excuses for not taking time for yourself. I believe if you cannot take some time to take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of anyone around you. You have to make it a priority to schedule time and place for yourself. This could be anything for example exercising, meditating, or even taking a bath. 

You have to be intentional in allocating time for yourself. There are lots of health benefits when you schedule time for yourself. You will find that your mental health improved. You are less likely to be frustrated or angry easily. In addition, it reduces stress and anxiety. 

5-         Good night sleep 

Sleep has a huge impact on how the body and how we feel physically and mentally. When you don’t get enough sleep. You are more likely to be stressed easily and this will lead to affects your physical health. Additionally, it decreases your brain function and changes your mood. You will not be able to focus or concentrate. So, make sure that you get good sleep and probably 8 hours of sleep a day. Have a sleeping schedule if you need to and stick to it. having a bedtime ritual helps you to feel calm and relaxed. As well as it will benefit your brain and body. It also reduces worries or stress. If you are unable to get good night sleep, make sure you find out why or seek professional help.

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