HOW To Spread JOY and Happiness?

A very small act of kindness could bring joy and happiness to the world. It creates a happier place to live in and make our world nicer and happier place to live in. 

Happiness and joy are contagious. When you spread happiness people get interested and want to pass that happiness from one person to the next moving to our community and our world. Spreading Happiness can do different things in our society. There are many examples of how to spread joy and happiness in the world such as smiling at strangers, helping someone in need, babysit to a friend or family member to give them a break, and writing a thank you note. 

It is understandable that sometimes we forget to be kind to one another, and we judge why to be kind to people who were rude to us and ungrateful to what we do. The main key here is my message to you is not to compare yourself with those people who are miserable, and you never know what they are going through. That is why when you initiate being kind you will get to know people more and who knows you may change their main to be kinder next time. You will have the opportunity to be the hero in someone’s life this all because you helped someone else to spread a little more joy and happiness. 

So, how can you spread joy and happiness in your daily life and around the world? Here are my top 5 ways to help you do that:

1-         Gratitude 

Having a gratitude approach and taking the time to acknowledge that you are grateful has a huge benefit on physical and mental well-being. In addition to our relationship with others. It will strengthen the relationship and people around us feel supported and appreciated. Extend your gratitude not just to people but to yourself and appreciate positive qualities and truly be grateful for them. gratitude helps you to cope with stress and anxiety. As well as makes you appreciate life and think positively about situations. When you express your gratitude during adversity can help you greatly to think outside the box and look for solutions. also, you are empowering people around you. This behaviour encourages people to be grateful and more likely to help others. 

2-         Be kind and give genuine compliments 

Giving someone a nice compliment and be kind to them will make their day and make you feel happier. Feeling valued and appreciated are needed in order to build strong relationships. It is harmless to tell someone how pretty or even how nice they look. Giving genuine compliments will be appreciated. We are all looking for validation and appreciation. Regardless of who offered those kind words, it will make a difference in someone’s day. It is a great feeling of happiness when you know that you were seen, heard, acknowledged and recognized. You are spreading joy and happiness to people around you as well as you are inspiring others to do the same. Let’s emphasise the importance of showing appreciation and recognising people around us. 

3-         Volunteer or donate to charity 

Giving something back to the community and others will help you Mentally and physically. It has lots of health benefits such as stress reduction and anxiety. When you volunteer or donate to the charity you will feel that you have a sense of purpose. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make new friendships that make a real difference in the lives of people and the community. Besides, you will be building confidence and build a real sense of achievement. As well as learning new skills or even gain experience.

Giving your time or money to people who are in need will improve your health and happiness. 

4-         Be present when people speak 

Being a powerful present is important when you speak to others or even alone. There are many benefits when you are living in the present, for example, you become more productive as you will be on focusing on the tasks at hand. In addition, you will be opening to learning and reading. You are generally feeling happy and better. 

When you are successful living in the present, you are not reacting to situations but instead, you will be responding accordingly after taking all the facts, applying your experience and knowledge. As well as you will not be operating on assumptions, and you will be considering thinking thought first. It is a great thing to show the world that you are present, and this will be returned to us as well. 

5-         Give nice gestures 

Using gestures is a great idea. As people will feel cared for and supported. also, the small thoughtful nice gesture will help us to stay connected to one another and help strengthen our community. Every time we demonstrate a small, nice gesture or show our gratitude to someone who helped us will make us feel happy and loved. It empowers other people to change and do the same. This will make a difference in our lives and spread joy and happiness in our community and around the world.

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