How To Stay Productive 2021

Welcome Everyone and Happy New Year 2021.

It is the New Year, and everyone now is indulging writing their goals and thinking and reflecting on what they did in the past year and what they could do differently this year 2021. New Year resolutions are a great example of such thinking and is a great opportunity to ambitions and try to develop and achieve more in our life.


The problem is that most people fail their New Year resolutions and they do not accomplish some or all of them. Usually, people break their New Year Resolutions by mid of January.

There are many reasons for failing the New year resolutions such as procrastination as well as setting unrealistic goals and the list go on…. It is helpful and beautiful to dream big and to set big goals but let’s think for a minute; Do you want achievable goals that can make a difference in your life or Do you want to talk about your dreams instead of working towards them?

If your answer is yes to the first question, then I have five simple steps that you could use, and it will help you to achieve your goals this year.

Let’s Get started,

  • Believe in yourself


It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do to help you but if you don’t believe in yourself there is nothing that will help you. Talent, hard work, and intelligence will not matter if you do not believe in yourself.

It is necessary to have faith in yourself and your abilities. Think of yourself highly and positively. Convince yourself that you can achieve anything, and you have what it takes to achieve your goals. Once you have got that mindset of believing in yourself, everything will follow. You will begin to feel confident, happy and full of energy. Concentrate on developing that attitude of believing and talk to yourself aloud in a positive way to cultivate more and more confidence. Say repeatedly to yourself that you can accomplish anything you want.

  • Set realistic goals


It is pleasant and exciting to write goals and have big dreams but what is the point of setting goals without achieving them. It is necessary to set realistic goals and to create a big picture of what you want. So I want you to be specific of what you want then, break these goals down into mini goals with a timescale/deadline and start working towards them.

  • Value your time (Time management)


Make sure when you start working towards your goals that you don’t procrastinate and forget your time and purpose. It is easy to get distracted, and very quickly to let time pass without doing actual meaningful and get things done. Checking phones, emails, etc. will eat away your time. So you must be careful about how much time you spend on these unnecessary things the time that you will waste you will never get back, so make sure that you balance your life between having fun, breaks and working towards your goals, and you will become more productive, effective and you will feel terrific.

  • Quit multi-tasking


Sometimes we think that we can multitask, and we convince ourselves that we can do so much at the time. It is true that some people can and can multitask; however, psychologists have found that multitasking is not as productive as concentrating on one task at a time. Make sure that you focus on one job and give it your 100% focus, and you will see the results.

  • Minimize distractions


It is very easy to get distracted nowadays from phones, apps, emails, and TVs, etc… It is difficult to disconnect yourself from those distractions, but you will need to practice and work hard towards limiting such distractions. It is also essential that you know exactly what you want and what distracts you from completing your task and I am sure you will feel more productive and pro-active too.

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