How to deal with the narcissist baiting you

Today I want to discuss how to deal with the narcissist when baiting you. we hear the word baiting a lot in the narcissist dictionary and what is baiting?

Baiting is when the narcissist says things about you that is not true and try to turn everyone against you. it is similar to triangulation in away. The narcissist goal is to make you under her/his control and make you feel intimated and scared. Baiting is one of the things that is extremely frustrating when it happens to you that is why you are listening now and I know you are trying to find an answer. Or you are in a narcissistic relationship and you feel alone and you feel no one is believing you or know what you are going through. So, now when baiting happens how can you handle it?

Here are a few tips that you can use to handle the narcissist when baiting you

1- Stop any communication

When you continue communicating with that narcissist you are allowing that narcissist to fabricate stories about you and to continue making things up even if it wasn’t true. That is the narcissist goal is to take your information and manipulate to suit their stories so people would think that what they are saying about you is true. Also, the narcissist goal is to provoke you to get a reaction out of you to prove the stories they are saying about you is true. The best thing you can do is to make sure you limit or cut the communication or at least have someone else with you when communicating with that narcissist so you would feel safe and so the narcissist cannot fabricate stories about you.

2- Do not give in to the narcissist intimidation tactics

The narcissist goal is to make you feel scared so you be under their control so you would be feeling alone and no one around. The narcissist also wants you to fear him/her as if they are important and no one can touch them. It is sad but it is true at the same time. It is just who the narcissist is and when the batting happens to you try and do not let the narcissist get to you and try and not take it personally.

Remember that the narcissist wants to get a reaction out of you to provoke you. So do not try and give in to their intimidation tactics because their main goal is to make you look like you are a crazy person. The thing is once you start to prove to everyone that whatever the narcissist is saying about you is not true you are proving and validating the things the narcissist is saying about you.

When they try to intimidate you the narcissist will use information you have told them in the past and they will manipulate to get a reaction out of you to prove to everyone that you are the problem and you are crazy.

3- Do not react

Whatever the narcissist say or do try and do not react. You should protect yourself and your sanity. It doesn’t matter about what they are saying about you. Sometimes people can see things and they will be able to see that you are sensible person and the narcissist is fabricating stories about. For the narcissist to say things about you is just sick and it is difficult sometimes if you were or still in a relationship with that narcissist. One of the things that i want you to do is to be responsible for your actions and your actions only. you cannot held any body for your actions and vice versa. The narcissist is responsible for her/his actions so you are not responsible for how they react or do things. They do things because they are narcissists. take a deep breath with you are dealing with the narcissist stay calm and it doesn’t matter what they say about you. You know who you are as a healthy individual and you are beautiful human being and do not let that narcissist make you think otherwise. If someone loves you they will come and ask you if the information they are hearing about you true or false. Now if someone believes things about you that are not true. In my personal opinion i would say cut them out of your life because if someone believes bad things about you without having the audacity to come and ask you, you do not want those type of people in your life anyway. You want to have people who can have your back, who care for you and love you. You do not want those people who have envy and hatred in their hearts because they are going to suck you energy and bring negative energy instread. It is pretty simple and cut communicate with those people do not believe you and trust yourself.

4- Practice self-love everyday.

Once you practice self-love you will be able to see things differently and you will see the world from different perspective. it is amazing once you have that mentality of self-love and self-care that will reflect on people around. people will see how amazing and beautiful you are. you do not need the negative energy from the narcissist in your life you will focus on loving yourself, family and chidden. do not let that narcissist make you doubt yourself and do not let the narcissist make you feel you are to important. remember their goal is to make you feel that you are no body and they are the most important people in the world. take action and love yourself everyday.

5- Have a gratitude attitude.

You must have that mentality of being grateful. look at adversities in your life as opportunities. once you have that shift in your mind to turn adversities into opportunities to grow and learn. you will rise above all the lies from the narcissist. you will also have the attitude of being thankful for such advertise because it is making you who are and who you will be. so believe in yourself and it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down because you will get up again. remember to be grateful that you are exposing that narcissist for who they are and then focus on yourself.

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