How to deal with the narcissists when undermines your emotions?

Today I want to discuss how to deal and cope when the narcissist undermines your emotions. One of the narcissists’ goals is to destroy your confidence and make you look unstable so they can take over or more appropriately so they can control you. The narcissist wants to make sure your loss your sense of belief and your confidence. The narcissist wants to make sure that he/she is making all the thinking and feeling for you.

In this post, I am going to discuss five easy ways to protect yourself from the narcissist when undermining your emotions.

  1. Know your values

One of the narcissist tactics is to make you question yourself, your beliefs, and values by manipulating you and undermining your emotions via devaluation techniques. You need to know your values so maybe write your values down. Figure out what is important to you and what makes you happy and fulfilled. Once you have figured out your values, life will be easy and clear for yourself. You will be able to make decisions effectively based on your belief system. Also, you are setting a strong foundation that the narcissist will find difficult to break and his/her tactics will not work on you anymore.

2- Improve your inner talk

The narcissist will do everything in her/his power to make you question yourself and doubt yourself. I want you to take good care of what you say to yourself when you are alone. Do you validate what the narcissist says or do to you? Write down what you say to yourself and reflect on that. Recognize if you are being brainwashed by the narcissist. Remember to practice self-love and positive self-talk. Catch yourself when you talk negatively about yourself. Think clearly of what and who you want to be and speak to yourself as if you are talking to someone you love.

It takes practice and I am sure you will be able to do that because I did it too and I am so happy now that I can monitor my negative thought and inner conversation and hope you will be doing the same.

3- Choose your circle of friends wisely

Make sure you know who your true friends are and stay engaged with them. You must protect yourself from the narcissist abuse and speak to your friends about it. The main goal of the narcissist is to isolate you and to make you feel lonely and miserable. Stay in touch with your friends that you trust. True friends will guide you during your struggles and will give you support. Make sure you have a second opinion from your friends other than the narcissist because the narcissist will never give you an honest opinion without their motives to undermine you and isolate you. You must speak to your friends and keep a good group of people who know you around you to protect you and protect your sanity from the narcissist.

4- Acknowledge and recognise your feelings.

It is so important that you take good care of your mental health. Acknowledge your feelings if you are feeling hurt, lost or pain because once you have acknowledged your emotions you will be able to take actions and figure out a recovery plan to help you deal with your emotions. It is very difficult to admit how we feel sometimes. However, it is seven more important to you to know and admit how you feel so you would break away from the narcissistic abuse and control. Address your feelings and figure out why you are feeling in a certain way. Be careful of the negative emotions and monitor them so you can deal with them and do not ignore your negative emotions. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and let yourself feel and experience emotions. It is one of the amazing things that we are blessed to have as human and we should never be afraid or ashamed of having feelings.

5- Trust yourself

Once you have your strong group of people around you who validate your feelings and who you are as a person and know your values and acknowledging your emotions you will be able to trust yourself. Allow yourself to trust yourself. Breakaway from the narcissistic abuse and control and stand up for yourself and who you are as a person. set goals and be careful of your inner speech and what you say to yourself. Trusting yourself does not mean you will always be right however it means you can allow yourself to be you without fear and judgment. Commit yourself to have a healthy relationship with you and lover yourself for who you are and for being an amazing human being with emotions and feelings.

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