How to deal with Stress

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Today, I want to talk about how to deal with and handle stress.

Stress is inevitable and it could be overwhelming at times. Everyone responds to stress differently and it depends on the triggers as well. I do not want you to look at stress as if it is something bad however in fact stress is good because it is a way the body uses to protect us from whatever threats or triggers. Stress also helps you to deal and cope during adversities as your concentration rises, your nervous systems release hormones to respond to your stress signal and your blood pressure rises to prepare you to protect yourself.

Of course, any excess of anything is harmful and not good for you at all. Chronic stress is not very good and can lead to serious health problems such as depression, anxiety and many more.

I also want you to figure out the causes of stress and seek professional help and do not hesitate to contact professional because they are there to help you and guide you.

Today, I am going to guide you and give you five easy tips on how to deal with and handle stress in our everyday life.

  1. Allocate time for yourself

It is important to schedule “me time” to avoid getting stressed or if you are feeling stressed. There are plenty of ways that you can do during your “me time” for example, you can do that by playing sports that you enjoy and don’t allow yourself to reschedule that time for anything else. You can also set time to just meditate and reflect on your thoughts and reflect on your feelings.

Also, prioritise your self-care. Make it a necessity that you take good care of yourself and that could be, for example, getting your nails done for ladies or even massage or just take a bath and listen to music.

Once you have allocated time for yourself and prioritise yourself you will have a better focus and you will get rid of some stress, you will feel recharged and you will enjoy yourself more.

2- Watch what you eat

You must know what you are eating and putting inside your body. Whatever you eat will reflect on your mental health. I am not suggesting eating healthy 24/7 however I am suggesting that you at least try. I struggle myself as a single mum and let us face it, it is difficult when your child wants to eat McDonald’s.

Here what I want you to do when you buy your food:

The first thing is to check out the source of your food for example is it organic or not? If you can not buy organic food maybe check where it is coming from or is it from a fresh local farmer.

The second thing is if you eat meat. Make sure you know how the animals were fed and how they have looked after. That is easy because of all supermarkets and butcher how the information you need and options too.

Drink plenty of water. You must make sure your body is hydrated and that your brain is getting all the nutrients it needs and require to function healthily.

Avoid drinking alcohol or make it as an excuse to make you feel better. It is completely misleading sometimes, and it will not make you feel better however it will make you feel worse.

So, be mindful of what you eat and what you drink. It is okay to have a day or so for junk food or for you to eat whatever you want but make every effort to eat healthy regularly.

3- Talk to a friend

Sometimes when talking to a friend about what is going on with our life will make us feel better and it is okay to do so. I find it extremely helpful when I talk to my friends, particularly my close friends who always give me an honest and caring opinion. Also, it gives me a second person point of view and sometimes they would point out things that I have missed or not thought of because I was stressed or overwhelmed.

Remember when you are stressed you will not be able to make clear decisions. That‘s why talking to someone you trust is very helpful. Your friend will be able to find solutions or at least give you another perspective about the situation. Also, you will be able to identify the triggers and you will feel calm afterwards and reassured.

4- Have a journal

One of the things that helped me greatly during my difficult times is writing. There is magic when you have a pen and paper. Having a journal will help you to reflect later what you are feeling or stressed about. Also, it will help you organise your thoughts regardless if they are positive or negative. You will boost your memory and you will be able to discover any triggers that contribute to your stress.

One of the amazing things about journaling is that you will be able to know your emotions and moods. You will be able to have an overall understanding of your emotional wellbeing and it will improve and you will be able to express yourself better. You will be able to grow emotionally and creating a connection between your brain and body.

5- Get good sleep

One of the things that trigger stress is lack of sleep. You will not be able to function properly if you do not get enough sleep or a night of good night sleep.

You need to schedule your sleep time and set the alarm for it. You will find that once you have regulated your sleep you will be able to focus, your memory will improve, and your productivity will increase too. In addition to your body benefits for example your heart and immune system will improve.

You will also feel recharged and you will be in a better mood which will help you to look at the situation you are stressed about differently. People around will notice you and feel-good energy that you will be sending out and you will have great relationships.

So, good night sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle and reduces stress.

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