Why LETTING GO is Important? Benefits of LETTING GO.

What does mindful mean? And how mindful are you?

Mindful is the ability to be focused, aware of your thoughts and what is around you. It also means that your mind is fully attending and aware of what’s happening or what you’re doing. You are also aware of the people around you. 

Being mindful has lots of benefits such as it reduces stress, you are able to observe your thoughts and monitor them as well as increases your attention. Mindfulness improves your overall mental health and wellbeing. 

When you are mindful you are able to listen to another person and fully present. You are less judgmental about what people say or do. Most importantly you are less judgmental about yourself. You appreciate people more and listen to them. 

Sometimes we lose touch with our body, mind and we feel that we are living in a bubble. So, how do you know you are mindful? With keeping in mind that there is a various degree of mindfulness. Every person is different, and some people are more enlightened than others. 

Without further ado, here is a list of things that you do when you are mindful it is not a comprehensive list, but it contains some of the most prominent qualities of a mindful person. 

1-         You are aware of your thoughts. 

Scientists say that we have around 70.000 thoughts every day and the majority of those thoughts are negative. When you are mindful you will monitor your thoughts and catch thoughts negative ones and replace them with positive constructive ones. 

2-         Embrace who we are

When you are mindful you understand that nobody is perfect. Because of this you are embracing your imperfections and embracing other people imperfections. In addition, being mindful is when you don’t set high expectations as you understand that this could lead to disappointment.

3-         You practice self-care 

Each day you are taking the time for yourself. This could be for doing meditation or simply exercising. You understand that you cannot take care of anybody around you unless you take care of yourself first mentally, spiritually, and physically.  

4-         You are generally thankful 

When you are mindful you are always thankful for life and for your blessings. You practice gratitude every day and you will always find a reason to be happy and feeling joyful. You are also happily patient when things do not go your way because you know better things are yet to come. 

5-         You like to help others 

You find joy and happiness when helping people and give love to them. You feel the urge to help others when you see them in need. You are not selfish, and you are mindful of others. You see love in service and give a lot of your time to help people. You love to see others happy and achieving their goals. 

6-         You quit multitasking 

Sometimes it is unavoidable to multitask however when you are mindful you try and get one task at a time. You spread the tasks and you are focused on one thing at a time. Take on each task with full awareness. You understand that you are more effective with focusing on one task without being tense. 

7-         You observe your breathing

You are mindful and observe your breathing. You take a few moments to breathe and watching your breath helps you to be calm and centred. 

8-         You see good in people 

When you are mindful you are always looking for the good in people. You give genuine compliments to people, and you mean it without any motivates. You simply see the beauty in people. You show appreciation to people, and you take the time to tell them that. 

9         Generally Happy

When you are mindful you are happy and joyful. You are happy for everyone around you and having an optimistic view of life even when there are challenges. You look for opportunities and solutions rather than problems. You are confident and you are living in peace. 

10-       Open-Minded

When you are mindful you always think outside the box. You know you are not restricted to one thing, and you see the world with great clarity. You do not jump to conclusions, and you trust your intuition and beliefs.

Overall, you know you are mindful when you are focused on yourself and the world around you. You love to learn and be aware of your surroundings and people. A mindful person has an understanding of the true nature of purpose and happiness. It is clear that mindful people live a happy quality of life with a vision of what they want to achieve in the future. Mindful people are committed to helping others and dedicated to their happiness and growing mentally, spiritually and physically.

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