Do you ever over-think? Do you find it difficult to switch off your mind? Do you get easily upset and frustrated?

If the answer is yes, then I have ten steps here in which will help you and you could use to develop a strong, healthy mind and it will transform your life.

Before I start, I want to you to understand that Our brain is magnificent. It is approximately 200,000 years old and it is extraordinary designed. Our brain design and purpose is survival and reproduction. It is easy to feel and your feelings could be altered within seconds as our chemistry changes and subsequently, our behaviour too will change. Few years ago, I decided to study a course called “The science of Mind’’ with The Open University. I found the course very interesting; the course changed my whole life and I am very happy to share with you my knowledge. It was a nine months course where I got the opportunity to study and investigate mental cases/illness, psychology and mind. 

From my studies, I understood that we have two systems in our body that is responsible for releasing hormones (for example, feelings), they are endocrine system and nervous system. Both systems are very complex and I am not going to discuss in detail here, but my focus is on endocrine system which contains hypothalamus, and it plays a major role of signalling and releasing hormones (for example, emotions hormones such as sex, anger, love etc.) in our body. Also, I understood that we are connected to everything around us and that there is unseen energy force that influence our system therefore we need to look after it and to be careful of our thoughts.

So, when you feel sad or when you feel angry and you don’t know what to do!!

you will feel and think as if it drives you crazy, then you start asking yourself lots and lots of questions and your start your own negative undermining cycle of thoughts. At the end of the cycle, you will feel your life is worthless, you will feel depressed and you just can’t switch your mind off.

I chose this topic as I received lots of questions from people such as; how do I switch my brain off while I am working or while I am studying? How can I easily disconnect myself, my mind from the outside world and vice versa? How can I could feel happy and focused despite my adversities and being a single mother of young children?

So, the answer to all those questions above is simple: it is Practice.

Years ago, I found it very difficult to communicate, express my feelings and I used to over-think and let situations or circumstances control me in a certain way. I used to over-think for hours and hours and it was exhausting me physically and mentally.

After studying The Science of Mind Course and I got rid of certain abusive people in my life. I started to know that my brain needs to be looked after and it will take time for it to heal therefore I needed to practice and to be disciplined. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to share with you some of my habits: Best Ten Steps that you could do daily to help you switch off your mind and to start new phase in your mental health. Bear in mind, that You will need to practice daily until it becomes natural to you and until it becomes part of your daily routine. Your brain will amazingly adapt to it and you will feel completely different mentally and physically.

There are many ways that you could choose to train your mind however I am very happy to share with you the most effective ones that works for me as being a busy mother, working, studying, and doing lots of other things. I needed something easy and something that is not time consuming and simple. 



  • Talk to Someone


It is important that you find someone to talk to and to express your feelings to. The person could be for example a friend or family member. When you are feeling angry, sad or frustrated it is always good approach to talk to someone about it. It is not just about human interaction and communication skills, but it is about releasing your negative feelings out of your body and share it with someone you can trust.

  • Write


I found writing a very good way to express myself and release any negative energy. The amazing thing about writing is that you could write whatever you want and you won’t have to feel cautions about it. You simply have the freedom to write and release out the negative feelings. Brilliant, isn’t it?

  • Meditation


This one is very important in my opinion. The first thing that I do when I get up every morning and even without having my coffee, and sometimes before my exercise, and before checking my phone or emails is Meditation.

Mediation doesn’t have to be for an hour. It simple, very easy and you could only Mediate for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. All you should do is to sit down in a quiet room, close your eyes, think positively of what you want, your desire and visualise yourself having it or think in a positive state of mind.

Meditation will reduce your stress levels, will help you focus and appreciate everything around you, also Meditation helps your concentration, self-happiness, and it develops a grateful attitude, as well as it slows aging! Which is AMAZING!   

Here is a small example of what I do every morning. I wake up, then I sit down comfortably and I close my eyes. I take few deep breaths, then, while I am listening to 400 HZ music; I think of absolutely nothing, I completely empty my mind from any thoughts, then I say the following:

I am blessed, I am thankful for what I have, I am happy, I am wealthy, I am magnificent, I am God creation, I am wonderful, I am rich, I am honest, I am beautiful, I am prosperity, I am healthy, I am exuberant, I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them, I am successful and I powerful…….  so on…

Ps: you could choose your own words I only wrote a few here.

So, meditate daily and you will feel and see the transformation in your life and believe me it will help you greatly.

  • Listen to music


Music is one of the gifts that we have and we really need to embrace. Music could change our mind quickly so it is always good to listen to your favourite music that makes you happy. You could also try and listen to classical music as classical music helps to increase steronin levels in your brain which will make you feel happy (changes your brain chemistry) and changes your mood.

  • Draw or colour


This is a brilliant way of communication and for expressing your feelings. If you can’t find someone to talk or if you can’t write then drawing and colouring is a very good option for you to use. Also, it a very good mental exercise which will help you stay focused, less distracted, it reduces your stress and increases your concentration as well as, it is associated with brain activities such as communication and creativity. And, it is FUN!

  • Read Lots of Books


Reading is one of the things that I hugely enjoy and I found it very relaxing. Sitting down listening to music and reading a book is heaven for me. So, find a book that you know you will enjoy, feel excited about reading it and you will notice the change in your thoughts and feelings. Reading helps your brain to concentrate, it will increase your vocabulary and communication skills, reduces your stress level, it makes you connected to people, and most importantly it keeps your brain active, healthy and young. Reading makes us feel happier.

  • Don’t Watch or read much News.


I know, this is a difficult one to do but the thing is you want to feed your mind with good positive information and you don’t want your brain to be washed and stressed. If there is something important, you could read it through social media or friends and family would tell you. Also, if you do watch news try not to watch at the beginning or at the end of your day. You want to make sure that your mind is well looked after and any bad negative energy from the news is being filtered. I do believe that news is a big negative brain washing energy operation that nowadays we have in our home. It is an endless source of negativity and it damages your emotional wellbeing. So, please limit your time watching news and feed your mind with positivity.  

  • Look for something challenging to do.


This could be new skill or activity. It doesn’t have to be something big. Challenging yourself helps your self-esteem, creativity, reduces stress and fear, it makes your day very interesting and it motivates yourself to do something different which will make you feel happy and confident.

  • Regular exercise


Exercising regularly has many benefits not just it keeps you in shape but it keeps your mind healthy as well. It increases your self-esteem, energy, boosts your serotonin levels which is responsible for happy feelings by reduces your stress level, depression and anxiety.

If you can’t work-out every morning you could just go for a walk for 30 minutes and enjoy the nature which is very easy to do and you would still have the same benefits as if you were exercising.

  • Eat Vegetables, Avoid Junk Food and meat products.


Junk food, energy drinks are very bad for your health and mind. they contain lots of sugar and it is not healthy at all for your body, subsequently it will affect your mental health. Instead, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. I would say go vegetarian as well. One of the best decisions that I have made is the decision to stop eating meat and became vegetarian. Animals are living souls and it is your job as a human-being to look after those animals and not to kill them for food enjoyment. so, my advice is to watch what you eat and whatever you put in your body. Whatever you put inside your body will reflect on the outside.



Ready for more information on how to develop a strong mindset. Make sure you don’t miss out on my New Book “Switch OFF” which will guide step by step on how to transform your life and how to look after your mental Health. The book is available on Amazon Worldwide and Available on Kindle.

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Thank you for reading and I am very grateful that you are here.



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