How to deal with rude people?

Everyone at some point in their life met one or two mean or rude people. There are different types of rudeness and how often do you have to deal with such rude people. 

If the person who is rude to you is just a stranger, it is best to just ignore it as the situation is not worth your time. 

However, what happens if the person who is rude to you is not just a stranger and is a family member or a co-worker or even a friend that you deal with so what do you do and how can you handle them. 

Someone rude is completely different from a narcissist. Rudeness is a habit, but narcissism is a disorder. I will give you few tips and a guide to help you develop some kind of a strategy when dealing with a rude person and how to behave to avoid conflict. 

1-      Stay Calm

One of the best things you can do when you encounter a rude person is to stay calm and do not react. Remember that you are only responsible for your behaviour and not someone else’s behaviour. You will have the power over the person who was rude to you by staying calm and not taking it personally. The main reason a person is rude is either because they are going through problems or because they want to get a reaction out of you. Staying calm and not react will outsmart the rude person and put you in a better position and you will have an advantage. 

2-      Don’t try and change the rude person. 

Trying to convince or change the rude person about their rudeness will not work as the personal mind is already made up. You will be wasting your time and energy trying to change the person. You will end up feeling more frustrated than you were upset about the situation. Also understand that rudeness is a habit, and it is difficult to break that habit. You can of course respond and point out politely to that the person who was rude about how it upset you. If the person did not mean to be rude, he/she will understand and apologize about their behaviour. In the end, do not force someone to change as it is not your responsibility. 

3-      Walk away from the situation 

One of the best things you can do when you are feeling hurt and upset because of a rude comment or rude behaviour is to walk away and remove yourself from that situation. Anger and upset are strong emotions that could make you want to react. Subsequently, you are now under the rude person control as you are reacting and that is exactly what they want. They want to feel power over you and the best way to not let that happen is by walking away from that person or situation until you are calm and able to respond accordingly and politely. 

4-      Show understanding and kindness

Sometimes the best way to diffuse a rude person is kindness. Take a moment and understand why the person was rude to you or the people around you. If the person is going through difficult times and under stress let them know that you understand that they are under pressure and offer to help. We are all guilty of this sometimes we behave rudely to other people when we are under pressure, but we forget about it. So, if the person is rude momentary just let them be or point it out politely to them until they are calm, and you can have a conversation with them about what is happening. Showing such understanding and kindness will break the cycle of rudeness as it is in our nature to be rude back or react. 

5-      Be the best version of yourself 

Being the best version of yourself will make your life easy and you will feel empowered as you will be the role model to the people around you. Treat people with kindness, respect, and fairness. It is important that you start with yourself first before trying to change someone else. Perhaps the rude person when he/she sees you behaving like the best version of you would want to be like you and you become the role model to that person. If not, at least you tried and you did your best. At the end of the stay, you will be satisfied, and you protected your energy. 

Finally, remember that we perceive things differently. Sometimes the things that we consider rude to us are not rude to other people. Always bear that mind that we analyse information differently from one person to another and it is important to think and be mindful. With the person well and send them love and use kindness as your weapon.

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