How to deal with liars and deceitful people?

It is difficult sometimes when dealing with people who are pathological liars and deceitful. It makes us feel frustrated, and we don’t know what to do or how to handle them. 

We know kids lie sometimes without even knowing it just instinctively because they are afraid of the consequences. 

It is also equally important to understand why people lie. There are many reasons for that such as self-defence, to manipulate people, or even to keep a secret. Pathological liars constantly lie to get what they want particularly the ones with narcissistic disorder will not stop lying and their behaviour will continue so do not expect them to change that. 

Pathological liars think that they will never be caught, and they are smarter than others. Even if they get caught, they don’t back down or even show remorse. They even believe it as if it was reality. 

I want you to remember that pathological liars and deceitful people normally study you to aid their lie. Also, they do not have any emotions at all when they are liars like normal people. 

Here are few things that you can do when dealing with liars and deceitful people:

1- Write every instance down

It is important to document every instance when the person lies or being deceitful you. When you document every instance, you will protect yourself and have a log of what is happening, and you can keep track of it. It is also helpful to have as evidence if ever needed. Do not of course inform the liar or the narcissist that you are writing and documenting it and keep it safe where the person has no access to it. 

2- Listen closely and do not try to confront them or react. 

It is very important that you just listen and watch the person actions and behaviour. You will be amazed about the amount of lies and fabricated stories the person will tell you or tell people around you. It may be hard at the beginning to just listen and not respond. Once you mastered this and you did not react to the pathological liar you are now in great position as you will think clearly, and you will know what you need to do or actions that you need to take. Remember people talk and people show you who they are from their actions and behaviour and their lifestyle. 

3- Tell someone about what is happening 

One of the things that helped me greatly when I dealt with the pathological liar the narcissist is speaking to my trusted family member and friends. They were able to point out a lot of things and guide me to the right direction in order to protect myself. You have to tell someone what is happening in your life with that person who lies to you and being deceitful. The person who always lie will never expect that you are telling someone what is happening. The reason is they are that ignorant to believe their lies to the point where nothing else matter. My advice to you here speak to someone that you trust and if you do not have someone maybe you can speak to your doctor or therapist. They will be able to guide on what actions you need to take depends on the levels of lies. 

4- Block them from your life if you can or keep away

If the person is not a close family member or a close friend, it is best to completely cut the person out of your life or keep away. The best peace in mind you will ever get is when that person is out of your life for good. Again, if you cannot cut the person out of your life you can keep away as much as you can. It is really important that you protect your energy and your sanity from people like that who are pathological liars and deceitful. People with those terrible traits will not stop until they drag you in their dirt so you would be in their low level. Don’t fall a victim into their trap and be a winner by cutting them out of your life. 

5- Don’t confront them and don’t fall into their trap and stay honest. 

Lastly, if you have to deal with the pathological liars and you followed the steps of only listening and documenting what they said to you. Then, you can be who you are and be honest no matter what. The pathological liar will eventually stop harassing you or they will find out that nothing will break you and that you can see right through them. Remember those who constantly lie have their own agenda and that is to deceive you or to manipulate you in order for them to get what they want. The best action you can do is to be honest and truthful and live your life the way you want and do not fall into their trap of manipulation and low ethics. You have to be the bigger person for your own good to protect yourself and your energy. 

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