How Hardships Make You Stronger?

Is it true that hardships make you stronger? Should you welcome and embrace hardships? 

Well, adversity causes us a lot of stress and resentment if is not handled properly. It is different from one individual to another. It all depends on how you look at hardships. It is your choice how you wish to experience hardships. 

When we are faced with hardships it is difficult to think positive about the situation and know that such adversities will help us grow and develop a strong mindset and resilience. As the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche said 

“What does not kill us makes us stronger.” 

I agree with him. I believe that adversities help us to focus on things that needed our attention in the first place. 

The good news is that when you go through adversities and hard times, and you choose to come out as a better person. You will discover that you are stronger, wiser and you will feel that you can conquer anything. Here are few ways that hardships make you stronger and better than ever:

1-         Confident about your ability to handle situations. 

It is not easy to be confident in yourself particularly when you are going through hardships. However, when you look at the situation with a positive mindset. You will not be afraid of dealing with adversities or hardships. You will show that you are interested in growing as a person. You can practice positive thinking by saying to yourself for example: “I can handle the situation” or “It is possible to get great outcome from such hardships”. Overcoming adversities is a great way to boost your confidence and build character. It will shape you and shape the way you look at situations. This will make you feel certain about what you want to accomplish and get out of the situation. You have control and have the power to change the situation. 

2-         Build Resilience 

When you build confidence, you also build resilience at the same time. When going through hardships you are building strong mental muscle which will help you to handle the adversity properly. To build resilience is the same as the confidence you will need to reframe your thoughts and think positive about the situations.  Seek help and support if you need it. Do not ignore the situation if you really need help. Sometimes when you get the help you will have different ideas and different perspectives on the hardships. The only way you will be able to practice resilience is via only control of what you can control. Do not try to control anyone nor the situation however control yourself. 

You will discover that resilience will give the strength to look for solutions to the problems and overcome the hardships. It will allow you to experience the situation differently and not be stressed out about every little thing. 

3-         Learning experience to get better 

When you look at hardships from a positive perspective you will be able to think of hardships as an opportunity. You will find out that hardships bring unexpected gifts and protection to you sometimes. For example, it may teach you compassion to other people who went through the same thing as you will be able to relate. You will be receiving and giving support to people who will motivate and keep you motivated to grow as a person. Another example forces you to be flexible and realising that you cannot control everything around you apart from yourself. 

4         Think outside the box 

Once you have changed your mindset when you are looking at hardships. You will be able to adjust your strategy and plans. It will help you to think of hardships as a way of innovation and understanding yourself. When thinking outside the box you will be willing to consider other solutions and methods to get the desired outcome. View things are changeable, and nothing stays the same however changes for the better. This will allow you to grow and lead yourself in successful situations. You will be able to expand your worldview and allowing you to achieve greatness. 

5-         Tap to your inner strength 

It is easy to be the victim and not deal with the situation. However, you are allowing the world to teach you to overcome your negative mind. Once you change your mindset and thinking outside the box. You will discover your inner strength. You will become wise and always making the right decisions without concern about what other people think. You will find yourself in a situation where you are not worried anymore about what might happen. You know and you follow your inner strength. You will be capable of seeing your strength to deal with hardships. You won’t hesitate to deal with hardships, and you will be happy to convert hardships to opportunities. 

Finally, it may not be easy however you now know and understand that we choose how we experience adversities and hardships in our life. You can get through these adversities easily by changing your mindset. When, you go through adversities think again and ask yourself how do you want to experience it. How it will help you build resilience and become a better, and wiser person.

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