How To Build Mental Toughness? How To Develop Mental Toughness?

How can some people achieve their goals and success? What makes these people mentally strong? Do you believe that you have the mental toughness to achieve anything in life?

There is a limit to motivation, and it is great to be motivated but what happens when motivation and you cannot keep going. Yet, you see some people still working hard and have the mental sharpness to move forward and achieve their goals. I believe that achieving success and having mental toughness is via the daily work and the small steps that we take to make ourselves strong physically, mentally and emotionally. 

We can all hope for what we want and daydream about the future. However, the discomfort and working hard is the key to mental toughness. it is your ability to stick to something and push yourself beyond the obstacles and procrastination. It is a muscle that you have to build, and the good news is no matter who you are, you can build mental toughness and become successful. 

Here are five ways to help you build and develop mental toughness and as a result, you will become more successful:

1-         Act as if your day is your life depends on it 

Sometimes our fear stops us from achieving our potential. You need to understand that change is going to happen whether you agree to it or not. So, why not create your own change and be the creator of your life. You have nothing to lose to act as if every day is your last and your life depends on it. when you live like that you have more opportunities, and you will live life with passion.  How you approach each day of your life will determine your future. Our future is created by the small steps that we are taking today. So, what do you do at that moment? Do not allow fear to stop you and do not change fear however change your relationship with fear to shift your mind to take action today. At the end of the day, no one is perfect, and no one is better than another. Love yourself enough and make your own life and be your authentic self who lives each easy with passion. 

2-         Reprogram your mind 

Your brain is like a muscle that you need to build and make it stronger. Your brain is the reason for you to take actions and it is built to relate your mental self. your long-term self-limiting beliefs affect you. You need to take a look at your beliefs and decide which ones that you need to replace with good positive beliefs. You can reprogram your mind via doing mindfulness meditation and practising positive affirmation every day. There are probably a lot of negative beliefs that you will need to remove from your subconscious mind. You can start by writing those negative beliefs down and then replace those with positive powerful ones and repeat the positive beliefs to yourself every day. You can do that while mediation or simply say it to yourself and mean it. the more positive beliefs that you tell your subconscious mind the more your mind will guide you to be successful and develop mental toughness which reinforces success in your life. 

3-         Connect every day with your goal and purpose

Write your goal down and read them every day. Your mind will automatically absorb your goals and work with you to achieve them. Make sure that you break down your bigger goals into smaller goals so you will brain won’t’ freeze or panic. In addition, breaking down your goals will keep you moving forward and making progress easily to attain your bigger goals. 

And if you don’t have goals yet, I urge you to make ones. People often live either in the past or the future without focus on the now and what they want to achieve. You need to take the action and focus your effort on your meaningful goals. Keep in mind that when you achieve the smaller goal make sure that you celebrate and reward yourself for such achievement. When you accomplished these smaller goals, you will start to have a clear image of the bigger goal and you will not procrastinate from achieving it. 

4-         Get rid of negative thinking 

From time to time we feel negative, and it is easy to keep the negative energy around us and dwell on the negative. Sim how can you get rid of the negative thinking? Well, for some of use it easy to shift our minds to positive than others. I found it difficult as a beginner however I kept practising positivity until it is now easy. There are many things that you can do to help you get rid of negative thinking such as: write down your negative thoughts and observe them. This is so important, and it will make a huge difference in your life because when you write down, you’re thinking you will get a clear picture and understanding of yourself and how you feel. Another great method to monitor your thoughts is meditation or mindful mediation this will also help you observe your thoughts, and you will be able to catch the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. 

5-         Reward yourself for the small achievements

When you achieve your small goals or achievements it is important that you take the time to reward yourself for achieving them. When you reward yourself your brain release dopamine which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure. This will cause you to be more creative and productive. So why not every time you do a good job and accomplish one of your goals reward yourself. The reward does not have to be something big. Any reward big or small will help you in motivating yourself and develop mental toughness to keep going.

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