How to deal and cope with fear?

Fear is a powerful emotion that influences our physiology and has a great impact on our minds and health. 

Fear is useful when you are in a dangerous as it releases hormones to help you cope and react to protect yourself. 

What happens you feel scared for no reason. What would you do when you just living in fear? All these are excellent questions. Often times we fear things that we can handle easily. Such as fear of failure, fear of success, fear of vulnerability, or rejection. We fear the future and we are worried about the outcome or what will happen in the future of the situation. Fear is a type of anxiety, and it happens when you want to control the outcomes. If you get stuck in that cycle of fear, your life will change as fear will affect your health, sleep, you won’t be enjoying life, and many more. Sometimes people just try and ignore the situation as a way of not facing the fear which is again not a healthy way of dealing with fear. 

I think you can live with fear and in this episode, I will share with you few strategies that you can implement to help you cope and deal with your fears. 

1-         Identify your fears

Take some time and identify why you have fears. This will need you to do a self-evaluation. You can try some quizzes online to identify your fears if you are not sure or it is better to book an appointment with a therapist who will help you and guide you accordingly. Ask yourself why you are scared or anxious? Also, what is the worst that can happen? Then, think about few solutions to your fears and how you feel about them.  Avoiding your feelings and what scares you will make it worst. Sometimes it is best to write down the worst things that could happen as this will make you face your fears, and you feel less worried and less anxious about the situation. Once you do that you will notice that your fears start to fade away and are not as scary as before. Be kind with yourself during this process and do what is safe and right for you. 

2-         Embrace your fears

One of the best things that can help embrace our fears is by understanding that fears will not go away. It is good to have fears as it protects us from any harm or danger. Fears will help you grow and eliminating them completely will not be beneficial to you. Take it easy and step by step. Don’t force embracing immediately but practice small things that you are worried about then it will gradually every fear you have will fall into place and you will start embracing without even knowing it. 

3-         Relax and unwind your mind

When are under stress it will trigger lots of other unwanted emotions such as fear and anxiety. Take some time for yourself and being alone is important as it will help you relax and quieten your mind. There are many ways in which you can use the time alone such as going out for a walk, reading, listening to music or take a bath.  You can also try relaxation techniques such as mediation and mindfulness. One of the best techniques that I personally love is using a headspace app and a massage. Massage will help you relax as the gentle pressure on the body will stimulate the body’s circulation and will calm your mind and body.

4-         Deep breathing 

When you feel fear or overwhelmed take a few moments and take few deep breaths. There are various deep breathing techniques online which you can search. My favorite one is Wim’s hof breathing technique, I will try and put the link down below. There are many benefits of the deep breathing techniques it will lower your heart rate and blood pressure which will help you relax and feel less anxious. Try and use deep breathing techniques throughout the day and this will help you regulate your stress and fears levels as you will pump lots of oxygen into your heart and brain. 

5-         Exercise 

Going out for a walk or exercise will help you as well getting oxygen to your heart and brain. No matter what type of exercise you do exercising will improve your mental health and reduces the risk of having depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It is a powerful tool to improve your overall health. Your memory and concentration will be sharpened, and you will think clearly. Exercising releases endorphins and they are responsible for regulating mood and makes you feel happy and easy to concentrate.

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