How important is Our Electromagnetic Energy?

Have you ever been told to be careful of your thoughts or watch what do you say? Have you ever been asked to look after your energy and who you surround yourself with as well as your feelings?

If yes, then I will guide you to understand your energy easily and how can you look after it to benefit yourself and to develop a happy lifestyle.

We are the most amazing beings on the planet. Our intelligence is limitless, and we seek knowledge and understanding all time. We have a very sophisticated system, and our brain is magnificent. The brain contains billions of nerve cells firing impulses throughout the body and the nervous system.

I want you to visualize yourself inside a bubble, and in that bubble, you are energy which is composed of your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas, etc. have energy, and each one has its vibration and frequency, that sends a message to the surroundings and the universe as well as receive messages from the outside world.

The heart and the brain connect with each other via exchanging messages via the nervous system. Every heartbeat sends a vibration frequency to the bubble, and since you are in that bubble, it affects you, as well as the energy that you are sending out or receiving from others.

When you are feeling sad, negative, or angry, etc. you are vibrating at a low frequency/energy, and you open the door to other negative emotions, and therefore you attract more of them and so on.

When you have a positive attitude and positive emotions, you are vibrating at a higher frequency/energy, and you open the door to other positive feelings, and therefore you attract more positivity, and you feel happy at peace and energetic, etc. (see Human emotional spectrum below)


Our human body, therefore, is surrounded by an energy field which is called Aura and each of us needs to take care of it. Aura is responsible for our emotional state and normality. We have seven energy levels that enter our Aura and minor ones; every organ in our body has its magnetic energy that is contributing to the overall energy bubble that we are inside. You must never abuse your emotions, your body or anything that is inside you as it has its own magnetic field/frequency that is contributing to your Aura wellbeing.

Enough said, here are five easy steps to help you look after your energy field;

1- Healing your seven chakras in this order:

  • First Chakra is Root Chakra.


Root Chakra located at the base of the spinal cord, and you could heal it by meditation, yoga, and associated with the color Red.

  • Second Chakra is Sacral Chakra


It is located below the navel and rooted in the spine. You could heal this chakra by water, for example, a relaxing bath or a swim. It associated with the orange color.

  • Third Chakra is Solar plexus (Sun)


Solar plexus located above the Navel; it is responsible for your confidence, astral travel, and psychic development. You could heal this chakra by doing outdoor activities such as going for a walk, bike rides, etc. is associated with the yellow color.

  • Fourth Chakra is the Heart chakra.


The Heart chakra located in the breast, and it is the love, compassion chakra. To heal this chakra, you need to get physical contact with people that you love such as hugs, cuddles, kisses and get close to people emotionally. It associated with the green and pink color.

  • Fifth Chakra is the Throat chakra.


The Throat chakra positioned in the V of the collarbone at the lower neck. It is responsible for sound, communication, and expression. You could heal it by sound therapy, or singing or even listening to healing music. It associated with a light blue color.

  • Sixth chakra is the third eye chakra.


The third eye chakra positioned between the eyes in the center of the forehead. It is responsible for psychic ability, intuition, spirit energy, and light and dreams.

To heal this chakra, you will need to meditate daily and practice opening it by creating visualizing calming scenes and relax. It associated with the indigo color.

  • Seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra.


The Crown chakra positioned at the top of the skull. This is the center of spirituality and enlightenment, connects to the higher divine and life energy (God Source). To heal this chakra, you will need intense meditation and clearing the mind of anything and focus entirely on the moment of meditation. It associated with violet or white color.


2- Listen to Chakra healing music as well as when you are sleeping. There are lots of music that you could download or listen to heal your body.


3- Think positively at all times. Here is a very hard one, and I struggle with this one, but I want you to look at everything around you and how blessed you are right now to be a life and to have the liberty to experience life in every way. Understand that we are all different and every individual has their filter in their mind so don’t take anything personally and enjoy life. Subsequently, you will attract more positivity into your life, and you will feel happier.


4- Drink plenty of water and eat real food and avoid junk food. You will be surprised how small things like that can affect your wellbeing and overall mood.


5- Always speak kindly to yourself and other people around you. Take care of your words that come out of your mouth, every word that you speak has it is own frequency/energy which is contributing to your energy field. So, if you speak badly to yourself or others, you are attracting more of the same negative energy.

As Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  

Hope you have enjoyed the article. I am very grateful for your time and I appreciate you. I wish you a very happy fullfed life.

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