How to be Self-disciplined?

Many of us struggle daily to keep up with our goals, dreams, family, our health and work, so we plan things, and we write goals, we get excited about them, but then, we find it hard to follow through and we find it difficult to feel motivated again to continue our goals.

I, myself, struggle daily  to stay disciplined as I have my work, goals, family and study which requires me to be focused most of the time. Sometimes I feel life is tough and hard on us, but I believe that we must take life easy and enjoy it as much as possible. Also, understand that God or the universe is within us and inside everyone a magnificent power, and it is all working for us either good or bad therefore,you need to trust that everything is going to be alright and have faith in yourself and God.

Here are easy steps that helped me to stay disciplined which will guide you, help you to be self-disciplined and to develop strong willpower.

let’s get started;

1- Every Morning When You Get Up Write Down Your Goal


It is important that you write down your goals, but more importantly, is that you want to make your brain aware of it at all time. Writing your goals down every morning is an excellent way to re-program your mind to work towards your goals. The brain is so beautiful and can effortlessly re-programme it. The brain will find a way to make your goals attainable; in other words, your brain will find a route to your goals and will guide you towards it magically.

2- Look For The Good In Everything That Is Around You.


 Sometimes, we get indulged in negativity and we look at the things that are not working for us and it makes us upset, frustrated, but instead, I would like you to focus on the things that are working well. Stop looking for the negatives and encourage your mind to look for the good in every situation that you encounter. I struggle myself, with my thoughts and how I approach situations sometimes, but I firmly believe that practice makes perfect. So, practice looking for the good seeds in every situation and people and water it with positive thoughts and you will see how your brain chemistry changes into positivity, and you will develop a strong, happy mindset.

3- Good Health


One of the main things to a strong mindset and happy lifestyle is to have good health. Looking after my health is one of the things that helped me develop strong willpower and I noticed that I changed physically and mentally. It is very powerful, so be careful about what you eat and what you put inside your body. Exercise regularly and plan your day. You could start small and then build your way up to a healthy lifestyle.

4- Read To Feed The Mind.


Your mind needs nutrients and not just from food, so make sure that you feed your mind with good books as well as positive affirmations daily. Develop the will and practice reading at least two pages a day from something that is positive or books that is useful, inspires you. Your brain will grow healthy and develop as well as benefit you significantly.

5- Believe In Yourself and Your Abilities.


Sometimes, we underestimate our abilities and what we can achieve based on our circumstances and negativities that we absorb. Always remember that we are powerful human beings and our brain is magnificent, and it is not the same as any living beings around the world. Believe in yourself and trust God. Have peace with yourself and think that we are all not perfect and choose the right path especially when things are hard.

6- Find Your Purpose


We are all born with a purpose, and we were put on this universe for a reason. You have to figure out what is your purpose in this life and what is your passion. Once you have discovered yourself and your passion, you will find yourself energetic, and you will get up every morning feeling happy and ready to achieve anything. You will get closer to your goals.

7- Love and Respect Yourself Unconditionally.


I believe that if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else around you or even have compassion. Make sure that you accept the things that you cannot change and be grateful for what you have and what you about to have. Love yourself for who you are and how beautiful, intelligent human being that you are. Every day speaks kindly to yourself and treat yourself well and do not allow anyone to treat you differently. Life is Love, so make sure you send love to the universe and to receive and attract love back.

Finally, I would like you to connect with yourself and understand yourself first before you understand or judge others. Do not judge other people and accept that we are all not perfect and that we all make mistakes. Do not waste your time in hate, anger or fear, every minute, in your life you will not get back so be careful of how if you spend your time with and how you feel and your thoughts. You will be surprised by how small things like the steps above could affect your overall brain chemistry and well-being. Always remember that you attract what you think about, so if you think that you cannot achieve anything, believe it or not, you won’t accomplish anything. So, be aware of your thoughts and careful about what you say to others. Words have its energy and own frequency so whatever you say or put out there in the universe will come back to you somehow in either a direct or indirect way. Once you have mastered all the steps above and kept away from any negativity and people who absorb your good energy, you will find your self developed strong willpower, and you will be disciplined.

Hope you enjoyed the Article!

Thanks so much for reading and I am very grateful that you are here.

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