How to make people Respect you?

It can be frustrating and difficult when you feel that people don’t respect you. This makes you feel that people don’t care about you. The truth is no matter what you do you cannot force people to respect you. You have to teach people what is acceptable and what is not to you. I also believe that respect is earned, and it is not something that is given. You have to be willing to respect other people too and most importantly you have to respect yourself first. 

One great way to gain respect is to make sure your actions match your words. People lose respect if they see that your words don’t match your actions. 

Understand that building respect takes time however I have five tips that can help you and you use to help you build respect.

1–         Have integrity 

This is a huge and important step in order to gain respect. You need to live in accordance with your values and morals. Integrity is a highly valued and a great trait to have and nurture. It is very easy to live life with no integrity and no morals however it is difficult to maintain and to keep your integrity. Adhere to your morals and ethics. When we have integrity, it means that we are honest, and we value ourselves and our actions match our words. To have integrity means you are not compromising of who you are and your values. People trust and rely on you more because you are reliable, and you live your life with integrity. You will feel confident as integrity makes you feel secure as a person. In addition, you will have great communication and relationships, and respect will follow you immediately. You will have a high standard of who you are and what you will allow in your life. You naturally will be attracting the same people in your life who have integrity and honesty who will respect you.

2-         Keep your word

When you live your life with integrity one of the key aspects is that you keep your word. When you say that you will do something, and you don’t do it that will teach people that you are not trusted. Subsequently, you won’t be respected. Do not speak words to people if you don’t mean them as words are so powerful. Understand that your word holds huge power than you think. It is important that you speak with honesty, positivity, and integrity. Keeping your word is not only important for people to respect you but also for yourself. Keeping promises and your word to yourself is as equally important as to other people. Keeping your word is a habit and you will need to practice that every day. You start by writing in your journal and what you want to accomplish each day and complete those tasks. Keep it fun and simple. Additionally, do not make promises if you cannot keep them and be honest about it. If you do not want to keep your word, make sure that you apologize and let the people know and be honest up front. Don’t take this lightly and practice keeping your word. Also, if you are not sure if you are going to keep your word or not best to stay silent until, you are sure. 

3-         Think before you speak 

Thinking before speaking is a really good practice to have. It is also an important skill as you will sound well-spoken. Sometimes people just want to respond and react to anything without thinking. This causes hurt and sadness to other people. Developing such a healthy habit of thinking before speaking is important and huge. You will control your emotions and take responsibility for your actions. How to practice thinking before speaking. Well, there are many things you can do such as listening and observe first. Listen to people when they are speaking and listen to your thoughts and observe them when they come. A great tool to help you is to train your mind thinking before speaking by asking yourself few things before answering such as is the information true and are the people inspired by what you are saying to them. If you cannot say something that is helpful and positive, try and stay silent. Speaking can be good if you have something helpful and important to say. Saying things that are hurtful and not meaningful can harm the relationship and harm your reputation. So, make sure that you think before you speak.

4         Master your emotions

It is important that you have to control your emotions and master your emotions. Stay calm and relaxed voice when you react with people. You have to keep your emotions in check under tense conditions. You have to control your temper when things escalate and if someone tries to provoke you. People who don’t respect you will try to push your buttons and try to provoke you in order to play the victim card. Be wary of your emotions and how you feel. Take a moment if you need to when you feel upset or angry before responding or taking any actions. Make sure that you are always checking your emotions and keep it under control. 

5-         Value time 

I believe that no one can buy time and it is very important that we take care of how we spend our time. It is easy nowadays with all the distractions and social media that we waste time and do meaningless things. We don’t take advantage of the time we have properly in a way that benefits us and provides value to us and to people around us. Time will teach you lessons and builds your self-esteem and character. When you value your time and express that to the people around you it is actually showing them that you value your time, and you are on time. People will respect you for that because you value their time too and that is a huge thing. In addition, you are able to control your life and achieve great things. You will develop a great understanding of life and what is happening around you. 

Make sure that you also take some time to help people and serve people. Taking part in helping someone else will make you valuable and you will feel more human. In addition, you will be changing someone’s life and you become a role model. People will want to do the same as you.  

So, make sure that you be on time, value your time and what you are doing with your time. Do something that is meaningful with your time in order to achieve great things. When people see that people will respect you for it.

I hope you found my five tips are helpful and I hope that you found my top five tips on how to make people respect you are helpful and don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know what the best way is to make people respect you.

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