What Happens When You Think POSITIVE Thoughts?

Have you ever been told to look at the bright side of a situation? If YES, The reason is when you think positive you will have a better good chance to deal with the situation. In addition, every thought we have released some type of chemical. When we are happy the brain produces Serotonin and Dopamine. These chemicals are responsible and create the feeling of satisfaction and well-being and pleasure. 

Positive thinking means that you are an optimist about situations and life. It also means that you can approach negativity and hardships with a different perspective and in a productive way. Then you look at life is likely to be different and optimistic. 

Positive thinking is like anything else we have to practice it daily to develop it. If you tend to have negative thoughts do not expect you will automatically become an optimist overnight. You will have to practice positive thinking and how you speak to yourself positively. You need to be less critical of yourself and the world around you. This will help you reprogram your mind to think positive and you will be better each day. You will notice that you are able to handle situations differently and in a more constructive way. 

Positive thinking makes you healthier and your life quality changes for the better. So, what are the benefits of what happens when you think positive? Well, there are many benefits that happens when maintaining positive thinking For Example:

1-        Feel Serene

One of the great things that happen when you think positive is you are not as stressed easily. When faced with stressful situations, you will be able to deal with the situation than anyone else with a negative mindset. You will not focus on the problems rather the solutions and lessons. 

When you have a positive mindset, you will be in a state of serenity. You will feel calm and peaceful and not troubled easily. In addition, it will help you avoid stress and anxiety. You will be taking action and doing things that make you happy.

2- Better decision making

When you are in a positive state of mind you will think of the situation from a different perspective, and you will be able to choose from different options. The positive mindset will influence your emotions which is the key why thinking positive is beneficial. Emotions play a huge role in our decision making. If we are angry, we will make bad decisions the majority of the time. However, when we are managing our emotions, you will notice emotions will not be clouding your judgement and you will be able to think more rationally. Making good decisions is a great skill to develop and practice throughout our lives.  

3        Improved mental health 

How you think influence your emotions. When you have practised positive thinking, you will see things stats to change for the better. It may take some time but it will eventually happen. How you think on a daily basis will influence your mental health and how you cope with stress and challenges. When you think positive you will develop strong mental health which is free of depression, anxiety, and any other psychological issues. When your mental health improves you see a change in your overall wellbeing which includes, you will be spending more quality time with friends and family, you are doing things that is meaningful for example volunteering or helping a friend in need. You are also will be experiencing things and people differently with positivity and love of life. 

4-        Feeling happy

Shifting your mind to think positive will help you feel happy as you will be enjoying yourself and life. You will be doing things that you enjoy and are good for your emotional wellbeing. You will avoid things that seem negative, and you know it will make you will you feel bad afterwards. You will feel that you are protecting yourself from negative or bad energy. In addition, to that, you feel good about yourself which will boost your self-esteem. When you improve your self-esteem, you will be that you are valued, and you treat people with value too. Which creates positivity around you, and you would feel happy and appreciated. 

5-        Feeling in control 

When you think positive you will understand that nothing in life is ever certain. However, you will realize that you cannot control anything around you, but you can only control yourself. Once you realize that a lot of things will shift for the better in your life and you will not feel disappointed as much. You won’t hesitate to make better decisions and you will be able to take ownership of your responsibilities or mistakes. When feeling in control of your actions and decisions you will be able to make the choice that is best for you, and you will trust yourself.

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