How to stay and think positive?

Few years ago, back in 2013 I was not aware of my way of thinking and how we actually creating our own life. Then, I started reading and educating myself with my science background I became fascinated of our mind and how we actually create our own life and reality. I took small steps in this journey and started by just mediating 5 to 10 minutes a day and saying positive affirmations to myself. Within 6 months I found great change in my life and the way I looked at things. Sadly, I didn’t keep up with the practice and it was gone until 2017 where I was on and off then I made sure to maintain such practice in the end of 2019. I discovered that thinking positively takes practice which is the same going to the gym and building muscles it will take time and effort for your muscles to grow and for you to become healthy. This is the same in the brain and mind we need to practice positive thinking and positive attitude in order to change your life. 

Some people find positive thinking is nonsense which I agree with them. At the beginning of my journey, I thought the same especially when I was going through adversities. But after pushing myself and made firm decision that I am in control of my mind magic started happening. I felt something shifted within me and I felt that no one can alter my state of mind and my emotions. I also discovered that my way of positive thinking is affecting people around me from my kids to my friends. I noticed that whether I am happy and grateful I meet happy and grateful people who share the same views at the world. 

So, how do you stay positive and take advantage of such joy, contentment and love that positive thinking brings. I have five easy strategies that I personally use, and I found it helpful that I am very excited and happy to share with you right now. 

1- Gratitude 

Often times we take things for granted such as the air we breathe, our health, people around us and even the services that we receive. It is important that we pay close attention to how amazing life is around us and we now live in a world where things are easy to get and travel now is very easy by aeroplanes or trains. Appreciate how much effort another person had to put in order for you to get your needs. Practicing gratitude even if it is for small things will be a game changer of your life. You will start noticing the good things in life and your mind will shift to look for the good things and what is going right for you. Affirm every day the good things that you’ve received and acknowledge the people in your life who play a big role in providing goodness and care for us. You can also write down what you are grateful for every day, and this will help you build the gratitude attitude. Lastly, be grateful for yourself for taking the time to be grateful and noticing people around you and being mindful of your blessings. 

2- Start your day with prayer or meditation

Meditation is a very powerful tool to build your mind and resilience to be a strong person. Even simple techniques like five minutes a day helped me greatly. There are plenty of guided meditation online and on YouTube find the right ones for your where you feel comfortable. I also have few meditations affirmation that you can use I will put the links down below if you wish to check it out and try it. Also, meditation will give you sense of calm, peace and your overall health will improve. There are endless benefits for meditation and can even heal certain health conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress. When you meditate you are clearing your mind from unwanted information or emotions that build up throughout the days or even years. You will gain new perspective on situations that you have found stressful, you will build your self-awareness, reduce your negative thinking and most importantly meditation will increase your positive thinking. 

3- See challenges as opportunities

The simple mentality that has lots of benefits in your life is looking at every challenge or every problem as opportunities. You can do that by looking at the situation from different viewpoint or ask for other people opinions. The reason I ask you to do that is because the mind immediately starts thinking in a way to protect you and response to the problem this could come in different ways that can affect our health such as anxiety. I understand every problem has its own intensity and different from situation to another. However, you can take the first step by choosing how to react to the problem. Distance yourself for a moment from the problem and shift your focus from seeing the problem as destructive to seeing it as a force for you to take actions or as a lesson for you to learn. Try and do not react negatively to the problem, as you will be giving the problem more weight than necessary.  This approach to every challenge in life will take practice and some effort from your part in order for you to see change the way you look at situations.   

4- Surround yourself with positive people

People around us affect our vibrations and our emotions. When you surround yourself with positive people who lift you up whenever you are down, you will inevitably adopt the same approach and you will see life as happening for you and not against you. Make it priority to choose the right positive people in your life. Remember that people who we spend most of the time with do influence our emotions and mood. You have to let go of the negative people in your life, all you can do is guide them but if they are unwilling to change, they will drag you in their negative cycle. It is often difficult to step away from relationships and we do not want to burn bridges. However, it is essential for you to change your relationships in order to grow and develop strong mindset and positive thinking habit. 

5- You can use affirmations 

Positive affirmations are an easy and quick approach sometimes to think positive and lift you up in the moment. You can choose whatever positive affirmation that you want to use during your meditations or just say them aloud to yourself. positive affirmations are great approach to help you think positive and feeling empowered. I encourage you to say or practice positive affirmation every day. When practicing positive affirmations, you will feel more optimistic and happier with different perspective on your life. You will become more focused and capable of making right decisions during adversities. Lastly, you will boost your self-esteem and success as well as health. Start by saying positive affirmations to yourself every day and if you are having problems on what to recite you can use my affirmation meditation video and I will put the link below for you to check it out. 

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