How to deal with difficult people?

At some point in our life, we have had to meet and deal with difficult people. Dealing with difficult people can trigger a variety of negative emotions, which can cause serious health problems such as stress and anxiety. 

Sometimes you have to make a decision if it is worse your time to deal with a difficult person. The sooner you realize that you become much happier, and you feel better about the situation.

Dealing with difficult people who are obnoxious is different when dealing with someone who wants to attack you because they are jealous or trying to undermine you and who you are as a person. It is important to identify which type of difficult people you are dealing with in order to disarm that person. Don’t think you can change the person at all however you can understand what they are coming from. 

Rather than suffering in silence, speak to the person and be frank about what is going on and how they treated you. Set your boundaries and protect yourself when you are around that person. Remember the negative people will dwell in their problems and drag into them as well. You can avoid it by setting boundaries and distance yourself from them. Don’t feel obliged because you live or work with someone difficult that you can put up with their behavior and you will suffer. Remember when you set boundaries the difficult person will become even more difficult and toxic, and they will likely get upset and angry. No matter what keep cool, stay safe, and maintain your boundaries. 

So here are three easy strategies that you use when dealing with difficult people:

1-         Stay calm

It is easy when someone says something that angered or upset you that you want to retaliate back and respond to their insults. You have to understand that if you lose your temper and respond aggressively you are falling into their trap because that is what they want. Difficult people want to manipulate you and make you lose control. It is horrible however you have to understand that you are in control of your emotions. Master your emotions and difficult people will not be able to manipulate you. Remember what is happening inside of you comes out when you are angry. Once you are calm and respect yourself that difficulty will not affect you anymore. Additionally, remember it is our perspective in life that makes us translate if that person is actually difficult.  When you are calm you will be making a well-thought decision or conversation and not an impulsive one.  Keep your cool and be open-minded when you are dealing with a difficult person is very important. 

2-         Be compassionate 

People who are difficult normally have lots of problems, are angry and unsatisfied in their life and want to take advantage of you. Sometimes you don’t know the real challenges and what is happening in their life that made them difficult. You have no idea what is happening in someone else life therefore be compassionate. It makes us human to have feelings and feel one another. Ask questions to the person who is difficult and see what they are coming from. Instead of attacking or trying to respond aggressively just simply ask the person questions to understand what is going on. We all at some point in our life were difficult people and for a very good reason. Have a perspective on the people around you and try and understand what is going on in their life. Understand we all struggle with our life, and we all react differently to stressors. 

3-         Minimize contact with the person

What would you do when the difficult person does not have a reason and they are naturally difficult, or they are jealous? In this case, you have to minizine contact with that person. You cannot spend your life living in suffering and misery because of those difficult people. You have to ultimately get rid of those people out of your life or completely minimize contact to protect yourself. You have to put yourself first and do let that difficult person bring you down and drag you into their problems and insecurities. Maintain and creating that distance between you and the difficult person will help you grow and be less stressed. Limiting your exposure to that difficult person may not be easy at the beginning if the person is a family member however you can do it gradually and seek help if you need to. The difficult person will lash out because they will know or sense that you are keeping a distance. Be cautious and don’t feel quilt about protecting yourself and putting yourself first.

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