How to deal with anxiety?

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Do you feel restlessness?
Do you have problem concentrating?
Do you feel you cannot get anything done?
Do you spend hours thinking about what decision?
Do you avoid things or people?

If the answer is yes, then I have five easy steps which will help you dealing with anxiety and to develop a strong, healthy mind and it will transform your life.

Normally people think that anxiety is something bad and they feel ashamed of it. I experienced mild anxiety most of my life up until I my dad died a few years ago. I started feeling afraid about situations and what is to come. I could not really have a very good night sleep or even concentrating. I did not know that the anxiety I had was just a response to stress and grieve. After reading many self-help books, I discovered that it is absolutely normal for us to feel anxious. in fact, it is very common than everybody thinks. I used to think anxiety is bad and I was ashamed of it. But later I discovered that anxiety itself is a good emotion because it helps us to complete tasks or work harder and do a better job, so I now see anxiety as some kind of motivation. However, the excess feeling of anxiety may cause you to stop doing things that you enjoy and can create more problems if you left it untreated. And the anxiety will keep getting worse.

Now, before I dive into the topic, I want you to know that I am certainly not an expert or a doctor. I simply just sharing my experiences going through it and hope it will give you some insights.

Here are 5 easy ways to help you deal with anxiety

  • Accept and acknowledge that you are feeling anxious and do not avoid it

One thing I want you to know is everyone feels anxious. It only depends on the levels and factors that triggers our anxiety. So, you cannot get rid of anxiety by itself, but you can learn how to accept and live with it. Understand that anxiety feeling is a protective mechanism and it helps us keep ourselves safe, motivates us to do a better job or sometimes it could be just a feeling of excitement.

So, when you have that mentality you will be able to identify and challenge the thought of anxiety. You will be able to understand the root cause of your own anxiety, but not necessarily making it go away, but you will be able to deal with it.

  • Meditation

Meditation is about changing the mind and the way it thinks. Bear in Mind, anxiety is also based on thoughts and when you are thinking about feeling anxious it creates a loop in your mind and that is why anxiety gets worse. But When you acknowledge your anxiety feeling then take action by mediating that is where mediation comes useful as you will be able to get out of that loop and observe how you feel and think. It is not a quick fix to stop anxiety and definitely you do not want to stop anxiety, but you want to be able regulate it.

  • You cannot control everything around you

Sometimes anxiety happens because we are afraid of the future or of what might happen. If you can identify why you want to control a situation or something it will help you greatly in the process of dealing with anxiety. Sometimes it happens because of fear or we are afraid of the unknown and uncertainties or we act out of jealously and lack of trust or even we are afraid of making mistakes.  I want you to take a moment and think that sometimes when people show us who they are it hurts but it is at the same time is a blessing and a bonus to us and to your because you will get to see who they really are. So, I want you to let go and once you have identified the reason why you are afraid or anxious you will be able to let go. Also, letting go of anxiety thoughts does not mean you are out of control or makes you think you lack control. and wanting to control and having control is completely two different things. I want you to remember that you can only control yourself and your actions.

  • Eating healthy and exercise regularly

Good nutrition plays an important part in our body and subsequently our mind. Some people think alcohol will help them feel calm when they are anxious but excessive drinking can lead to bigger problems emotionally and physically. So, try and avoid alcohol to make you feel calm. Eat healthy balanced meals and drink plenty of water will help clear your mind. Also, add any form of exercises to your day will help you dramatically mentally and physically. Set small daily goals and aim for consistency rather than perfect workouts. Exercising does not have to be something big but it could be just taking a wake for 10-15 minutes. When you exercise You will be able to release such negative energy and decreases tension, will improve your sleep and self-esteem.

  • Be kind to yourself

I want you not to judge yourself harshly for having emotions and feeling anxious. Emotions makes us human and it is not something you want to beat yourself up for having it. So, take some time for yourself and do something that you really love and enjoy. Treat yourself with respect and take good care of yourself. Accept that you are not perfect and sometimes you will do well and other times you will also fail and make mistakes, and that is okay!

Finally, I want you to be patient with yourself when you start a new exercise program, meditation and when letting go. It takes practice and discipline. Set yourself small achievable goals for facing your fears and record it. Of course, seek professional help if you need it.

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