How to deal with narcissists knowing you have figured them out?

Have you ever wondered what happens when narcissists know that you have figured them out? Remember once the narcissist knows that you figured he or her out, the narcissist will have their defenses up and become aggressive. This is because the narcissist feels deeply threatened by you knowing and holding to their grandiose sense of self is important for their image. The narcissist at any cost will be compelled to protect their ego and block you out and make you look like you are the perpetrator. The narcissist will rage and you will experience the narcissistic rage amplified to provoke you and to make you lose your mind. In addition to that, the narcissist will amplify the smear campaign as well. The main goal is to obliterate you and destroy your reputation in the hope that he or she will not get exposed. When the narcissist knows that you are going to leave the relationship, he or she will try their best to turn everybody against you in the hope that you stay in the relationship before he or she gets exposed. Then, they will discard you after you returned or stayed in the relationship. The narcissist does not want you to be free and remember narcissists believe that they are above everybody else, and they are above the law even. Make sure that to let people know around you what is going on and join a support group and get protection if you are leaving the narcissist until you are free from the narcissist abuse. 

When the narcissist knows that you have figured them out and know their lies, and their insecurities, and their true colors. They will act as if they never did anything to you and they will focus on making you believe that you are the problem. Narcissists will manipulate people around you to get a reaction out of you. Narcissists love to provoke you and make you look like a crazy person or a bad person. Narcissists love to see your reaction when they provoke you. Once they got a reaction from you, they will feel alive as if they are humans. 

Narcissists do not have emotions and every tactic they use is because they have experienced it themselves when they were young children. They want to repeat that cycle so you would feel how they felt when they experienced it themselves when they were children. This is bizarre because normal people acknowledge what happens to them when they were young and move on or try and get therapy to move on to live a happy normal life. That is not the case with narcissists. They will deny what happened to them and they will just repeat what happened to them to you in order for them to feel better. It is sickening and dysfunctional. 

Narcissists are not capable of love, and they don’t love anyone apart from themselves. They only want attention and admiration from people around them in order to feel secure and validated. Once the narcissists know that you know all about them, then they will retaliate and things will get heated or maybe even aggressive and violent because they know that you know about their false self, their insecurities, and lies.

You become an enemy to the narcissists as they do not want you to tell or let people know their flaws and they are not decent and pathological liars.  Narcissists consider themselves are someone important and they genuinely believe that. Narcissists think that you should obey them and do whatever they want you to do and obtain a reaction out of you whenever they want to. They are that ignorant of thinking they can control another person. Even with their children they want to control the children they do not necessarily love their children; however, they will use them and abuse them to get what they want so they could feel better about themselves. If the children do not serve them anymore, they will disregard them as if they do not exist which happen in my case. 

I honestly believe that people are getting smarter and wiser, and people are able to see through the false self of narcissists. Most people eventually will get fed up with the narcissists moaning and complaining about everyone around them and that they are the victims. With a normal person like yourself and I know that with every action we take there is a reaction, or a consequence and we take that seriously and into consideration. In the case of the narcissist, they do not recognize every action comes with consequences or reaction, they only see themselves and only see how they can manipulate people around them to get want they want. 

When the narcissist knows that you have figured them out expect the worst and everything bad from the narcissist. That is because they feel wounded and that is huge to them when you know that they are false people with no emotions. They can either harass or stalk you for months or even years. Narcissists also in extreme cases like mine he was threatening and violent so make sure you get protection from the police and the court. When they know their threats and harassment don’t work on you anymore, they may use the children to get to you naively thinking it is a way of controlling you and away of gain back power. As a result, the children suffer however you got to stay strong and don’t fall to their tactics and manipulation. Eventually, the narcissist will leave you alone when they cannot get a narcissistic supply from you. My advice to you is to stay safe and live your life to the fullest. Enjoy life and make memories with your family and completely ignore the narcissist and cut them out of your life. 

Remember if you have had the unfortunate experience of dealing and surviving the narcissistic abuse, please share it here with us in the comment below and lets us know how the narcissistic relationship made you stronger and how it changed you.  

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