Warning! The Narcissist Crying GAMES

What is going on with the narcissist who cries? Is there crying ever sincere and is calculated to get what they want?

There are many types of narcissists in the world. They are all the same however their narcissistic level differs from one person to another. Narcissists have the fear of being exposed therefore they want everything to be perfect when it comes to them. Narcissists also hold grudges if you are unable to give them the validation that they need in order to feel like somebody. The Narcissistic relationship is full of drama and manipulations. Narcissists are full of themselves and pompous. Narcissists only focus on personal status, how people perceive them, and they are selfish in order to feel secure. Narcissists are completely self-absorbed, and they believe that they are God. Regardless of if they say they believe in God or not. They may act as if they are a believer of God and try to show off widely to another person to convince them that they are a believer but in reality, they are not. 

One of the main things that narcissist love to do is to manipulate others to make themselves look like a victim. In the eyes of the narcissist that the situation is right, and they deserve the attention, and it is justified even if they were wrong. They will never take responsibility for their actions nor care for anyone else apart from themselves. The narcissist will always find and manipulate and change the situation many times so you would feel guilty because they think that you are responsible for not complying with their needs and ego. 

The narcissist will bad mouth you and gossip about you where he or she describes you as selfish and uncaring or even a narcissist. In some cases, even they will cry, and you will see tears. Unfortunately, these tears are fake, and it is one of the narcissists’ gifts in order to manipulate people. Narcissists mastered such gifts when they were young children and therefore, they mastered them to the point where you may believe them and feel sorry for them.

Someone with narcissism can easily cry whenever she or he wants in order to earn sympathy and attention. The narcissist never feels guilt nor remorse for his or her actions. The narcissist will never accept the responsibility for their wrongdoings as it requires an honest and genuine person to do so which is a character that the narcissist lack. 

Narcissists don’t understand emotions like normal people. They love to see people fall and hurt. They simply don’t care and all they want is attention. Narcissist’s cry is for themselves and not for you. They are excellent at their performance to make people believe what they want them to believe. Sometimes the narcissist will react and throw tantrums which could lead to aggression and physical violence when he or she knows that you are no longer receptive to their crying game.  There are no limits to their wrath and they will unleash their rage on you and express that you are unworthy. Narcissists will try to provoke in order to prove that you are crazy or lost your mind is reacting to their aggravation. Narcissists are only satisfied when they get their own way because they think that they are right and entitled. Narcissists do not like to in any way inconvenienced or slightly exposed in any way to other people. Often times the narcissists will launch their emotionally abusive tactics in order to drag you in the dirt in front of people to prove that you are crazy or even an abuser. When a narcissist discusses their past relationship, you will notice that they have a theme. The theme is that they are the victims, or they were victimized, and they are gentlemen or ladies. For example, my ex said that he has been in 25 relationships, and they are failed because he was a true gentleman and women don’t appreciate that any more in addition to many more reasons why the relationships failed and how he was the victim every single time. The narcissist policy is to always not commit and look for a new supply constantly due to their insecurities and emptiness. The narcissist will make it difficult for you to spend holidays with your friends or even have friends who love you. The narcissist will stress you out before you even meet your friends and will bad mouth your family and your friends who love you. Either way, the narcissist will keep a bad taste in your mouth about every action you take or even say. 

The bottom line is narcissists can exercise empathy and cry to manipulate people around them to achieve a particular outcome. Particularly if the narcissist is a man as society doesn’t expect a grown man to cry. When you see a large man crying you tend to believe him, and you would think that something terribly gone wrong. I never knew a human person could fake crying and on-demand too until I met the narcissist and sadly, I wish I knew about narcissism it would have saved me two years of suffering and living in manipulation and abuse. You know in reality the narcissist is illogical and needy and insecure. The narcissist always gets exposed, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes for him or her to be exposed to other people. If you are now knowing the narcissist and you don’t fall into his or her crying games, you are now a threat to that narcissist. The narcissist will fight you for discovering him or her. You may be told that you are a terrible person, illogical or even mentally unstable. The narcissist smear campaign will double the effort in the hope of destroying your reputation and isolating you. Finally, if you know and exposed the narcissist well done and now make sure that you keep away from that narcissist. Completely block that person and focus on your life otherwise that narcissist will drain you and leave you to die. Be grateful and thankful that you now have the knowledge and power to protect yourself from the narcissist. 

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